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olliEzine July 2017 Image result for facebook

Market Square Records

Welcome to the latest in a rather erratic series of newsletters. Some amazing things have turned up via The Ollie Halsall and Patto Fan group on FaceBook. Please come and join the fun.

Patto (first album) Hold Your Fire
Roll 'em Smoke 'em Put Another Line Out Monkey's Bum

cherryred_headerlogo_300pxw.png (300×217) Remastered and Expanded Editions

Cherry Red Records and their label Esoteric Recordings have entered into an agreement with the legendary band Patto, (John Halsey, Clive Griffiths and the estates of the late Mike Patto and Ollie Halsall), to officially reissue all of the albums recorded by the band between 1970 and 1973. The reissues will all be remastered and feature liner notes written by journalist Sid Smith and exclusive interviews with John Halsey. The booklets will also feature previously unseen photos and drawings by the band taken from John Halsey’s personal archive.

In addition, the releases will be expanded by the inclusion of BBC Sessions, all released with the approval of both the BBC and Patto.

This long overdue reappraisal of the band begins with the release on Esoteric Recordings of expanded versions of the albums “Patto” and “Hold Your Fire” on 28th April. They will be followed on 26th May with an expanded reissue of “Roll ‘Em Smoke ‘Em, Put Another Line Out” and the first ever official release of the album “Monkey’s Bum” (recorded in 1973 but never officially released).

If you buy nothing else, I thoroughly recommend the 'new' Monkey's Bum. It is a revelation. You've never heard it like this before. Replace Last Night I Had a Dream with the BBC recording of Holy Toledo and it could be Patto's best album in many ways.
Image of Rodney Slater's Parrots - Parrotopia!


Rodney Slater's Parrots



At the grand age of 75 self confessed late developer and founder member of The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band Rodney Slater releases his debut album. Joining him are his Parrots - Michael Livesley, John 'Barry Wom' Halsey, Susie Honeyman, Bill Leach, John 'no jokes please' Lewis, Ken Thornton and Malcolm Shed.

Available August 21st.


Parker Goessling
Give It All Away?
Give up altogether, more like!

I wouldn't normally care for someone copying any solo note-for-note but this is truly something specal. Parker Goessling is a young guitarist from Boston MA, USA. Check out his band The Late here

< but first, sit down and watch this!


Parker Goessling
Give the Dots Away!

It get's worse! Parker's even transcribed it!


"From Patto's 1970 album Hold Your Fire. Not the best video but I thought it would be nice to post for all the Ollie fans out there. I transcribed this solo for my guitar proficiency at Berklee in the Spring of 2015. Hope you enjoy!" PG

The Happening Combo (CD)


Kevin Ayers, Lady June
& Ollie Halsall
The Happening Combo

Previously unreleased out-takes and re-workings of songs recorded between 1980 and 1997 by cult.Canterbury Scenists KEVIN AYERS and LADY JUNE along with their sparring partner, guitarist OLLIE HALSALL measure their mutualism, originality and independence of spirit to the full. Recorded in New York City, Deia, Majorca (and various places in between), they come back together here, posthumously as THE HAPPENING COMBO, the name given to a 1980 photo of Ollie, Kevin and Marvin Siau (the curator of this release) taken outside Kevin's house in the hills of Majorca, one hot summer's day.

This quality digipak release comes with an 8-page booklet containing notes by Marvin Siau and Kevin Ayersbiographer Martin Wakeling together with previously-unpublished period images.


Ollie Halsall
Self Portrait

Self-portrait, given to Claudio Puyo [keyboard player in the 1992 Kevin Ayers tiuring band]. Thanks to Ramon Perruolo for sourcing this and to Claudia for allowing us to publish these images

More art here

Image result for thats all folks

News Archive >


Please join the Ollie Halsall & Patto Fan Group on FaceBook Image result for facebook

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olliEzine August 2016

Market Square Records
Rutles Poster

The Rutles UK Tour Dates


WED 5 WIMBORNE Tivoli Theatre
THU 6 DERBY Flower Pot

FRI 7 BEWDLEY Festival
MON 10 PUTNEY Half Moon
TUES 11 IPSWICH Avenue Theatre


New Chart Entry!

Ex-Norwegian's storming version of Ollie's Summertime Kids [from the Caves album]

Loads more splendid covers of Ollie-related toons here

Tempest live at The Marquee

"Is it too loud? This one's even louder!"

Ollie in full flow with at The Marquee in October 1973 with Jon Hiseman and Mark Clarke.

A quite staggerring example of still unparalleled brilliance.

 Turn Around

Ollie Halsall and Patto Fan Group

Our FaceBook group has recently exceeded 1000 members!

Please come and join in the fun



News Archive >

Please join the Ollie Halsall & Patto Fan Group on FaceBook facebook.gif (30×30)

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olliEzine December 2014

Market Square Records


Premier Guitar magazine

Premier Guitar: Forgotten Heroes

We were pleased to be asked to contribute to a substantial article on Ollie in Premier Guitar magazine.

The eight-page published version can now be viewed online here

[We are not sure how to obtain the actual magazine.]


Otway's Christmas HIT!

Ollie recorded an album [and a half] with John Otway and, together with 'Admiral' John Halsey, toured extensively with him. Otway is also responsible for keeping the demos which became Ollie's 'Caves' album.

It is the least we can do get Otway's record, 'OK Father Christmas' towards the top of the festive charts.

Please buy here for a mere 79 pence 99 pence [79 pence on iTunes, apparently. But I don't understand that] 

But you only have until midnight on Saturday 20 December to make sure it counts.


Ok, it's now Seven Days to Christmas, so here's a bit if seasonal silliness:

Sir Ollie of Halsall and Admiral John Halsey's 1980 phonograph recording of a tune called, conveniently, Seven Days

Recorded on a Revox A77 reel-to-reel in Ollie's front room with him on the 'unplayable' star-shaped Glitter Band guitar through Pignose battery amp, and overdubbed bass. The Admiral on his superb sounding yellow Grestch drum kit.

[Festive sleigh bells added more recently]


News Archive

Please join the Ollie Halsall & Patto Fan Group on FaceBook facebook.gif (30×30)

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Market Square Records
News archive
continued continued

August 2014

The Kevin Ayers:
August 16th 2013 DeiÓTal Cual TV guide

On August 16th 2013, fans of Kevin Ayers gathered in DeiÓ to celebrate Kevin's life and music with his family and friends.

In this book Susan Lomas captures the atmosphere of the celebration in words and pictures.

The weekend in DeiÓ also sparked a quest to find out more about Kevin by talking to to his friends and visiting other places where he lived.

Available from Amazon here


September 2013

Newly discovered CinemasPop video

Top marks to Jorge Souto Bartolomé and drummer Manolo Jimenez for sourcing and uploading these remarkable performances from 1984.

August 2013

Kevin Ayers MemorialTal Cual TV guide

On 16 August 2013 Kevin was reunited with Ollie when a plaque by Sunna Wathen was laid in the churchyard at Deia
 . . . more

August 2013

Guitar TechniquesTal Cual TV guide

TThe September edition of Guitar Techniques magazine featues a two page appraisal of 'Patto's Ollie Halsall'

Available now at all good newsagents or online here



June 2013

The Rutles Tour Dates!Tal Cual TV guide

The Tragic History Tour rolls on: 'Admiral' John Halsey, together with former Bonzo Dog and the 'Seventh' Monty Python member Neil Innes and 'Rutling' Ken Thornton, will be recreating the magic of the Prefab Four in London, Wolverhampton, Leeds, Edinburgh and Bristol this summer.

June 2013

June 1st 1974: Kevin Ayers, John Cale, Nico, Eno, Mike Oldfield and Robert Wyatt: The Greatest Supergroup of the SeventiesTal Cual TV guide

[Paperback and Kindle editions]

On June 1st 1974, the Rainbow Theatre in London hosted the first ever performance by what was (at least by those folk who’d heard of the artists) described as the greatest supergroup of the era. In the frontline: Kevin Ayers, the Soft Machine co-founder who had been winding an ever more idiosyncratic solo career through the first half of the 1970s (and would continue to do so thereafter) . . . more

June 2013

Kevin Ayers

Tal Cual TV guide

News of Kevin's funeral from daughter, Galen.

Thank you for all your love and support these last three months. Dad's final resting place will be in Deia, Mallorca Spain. He will be buried next to his musical collaborator and best friend Ollie Halsall. The private funeral will take place at sunset this 16th of August and will be followed by a public musical celebration of Kevin's life. We all hope you will join us in this final dance. The musical acts are yet to be confirmed but the love being present is a surety. See you in August. Thank you. Gx

November 2012

Ayers TV

Tal Cual TV guide

Some great new live Kevin Ayers TV performances with Ollie in excellent form.

These four songs were recorded for the ABC TV [Spain] show 'Tal Cual' broadcast 14 April 1988.

Watch them on the Ayers Live page here

Many thanks to Jorge Souto for finding them.

October 2012

Roll 'em, Smoke 'em - 40 years on

Abbots Langley CD cover

The Patto's third album was released on 27 October 1972.

Not only one of the best albums titles of all time, the record included some of Mike Patto and Ollie Hlsall's finest collaborations. Including the also superbly titled Loud Green Song, now widely cited as the Halsall guitar piece and a stunning inyroduction to his playing.

Roll 'em Retrospective

October 2012

Kevin Ayers interview

Ian Carprenter came accross this very interesting interview with Kevin in a 2007 edition of the now defunct Stylus magazine.

August 2012

OFFICIAL Boxer Re-ReleasesTal Cual TV guide


The two classic Boxer albums, Below The Belt [1975] and Bloodletting [1976] are available from MONDAY 27 AUGUST from Esoteric Records.

The label distributes through respected Cherry Red Records so these are bona fide products.

Below The Belt includes the elusive track Don't Wait, which was the B-side of the group's misguided single choice, of All The Time in The World.

One can only sumise how differently things might have turned out had they have gone for the blindingly obvious Shooting Star instead.

July 2012

Guitar Techniques

Abbots Langley CD cover

The August edition [207] distinguishes itself by including a brief acknowledgement of Ollie's 'style' [or, rather, one of them, since there can scarcely have been a more eclectic player].

The article includes a short transcription and tab together with an audio file on the accompanying CD.

July 2012

Guitar Player

Abbots Langley CD cover

Conversely, the latest edition of Guitar Player disgraces itself by publishing an uforgivably incomplete article entitled '10 Things You Gotta Do to Play Like Four Unsung Brit-Rock Heroes'

Not having access to the full article yet, I have no idea who the chosen few are. The usual suspects, I imagine. But the editor then has the gall to apologise for the omissions of Chrs Dreja, Miller Anderson. Zal Cleminson, Chris Spedding and . . . Ollie Halsall.

July 2012


Abbots Langley CD cover

Here's a great little story from Jerry Hart about Ollie's memorial in Deia:

"The first time I visited Ollie's resting place I noticed that the tone control was missing, so I took a photo and went to my local music shop when I got back to the UK.

"I asked them for a set of tone controls for a Fender Twin Reverb, so they asked me which year the amp was made. I said 'it doesn't matter' to which they responded 'oh yes it does' and proceeded to give me an account of the evolution of Fender control knobs up to the present date.

"I then produced the photo (bit like the one above) to which they said 'Ah'.

"The guy's next comment was 'this is the sort of thing that makes this job worthwhile' so he got me a set of knobs which I posted to Tomás, who fitted them.

"As I think of it, I may try to get another set to take with me, as they do erode in the weather."

Jerry Hart

April 2012

Pete Kelly's Solution

An interesting artefact from March 1968 pointed out by Steve 'Fag Ash Lil' Norris. Ollie doing a session with Pete Kelly's Solution, a Southport outfit which evolved from R&B Incorporated [which included Halsall on drums].

This track features a fairly rudimentary but perfectly competent guitar solo from Ollie [on his white Telecaster?] March 2012

Marchl 2012

Horden Pavillion, Sydney 1972


"I went to see Joe Cocker on the opening night of his stint at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney. The Hordern is a huge hall in the Royal Agricultural Showgrounds in Sydney. At that time it had been fitted with a flat seating arrangement and a raised stage to cater for touring rock bands like Cocker's . . . more

February 2012

The Ollie Halsall Song Book

The Ollie Halsall Song Book

To mark the 20th anniversary of Ollie's death, we are compiling an online album featuring demo versions of his songs.

Listen to the latest contributions  . . . here

February 2012

'Leppo' - Putting the Record Straight

Despite providing much of the music and vocals for  The Rutles  1978 movie and subsequent albums albums, Ollie Halsall's only mention at the time was for a brief  'cameo' appearance [in a still shot]  as 'Leppo', the 'Stuart Sutcliffe' role.

Here, 'Barry Wom' [John Halsey] and 'Ron Nasty' [Neil  Innes ] reflect on his  largely uncredited contribution:


December 2011

Roll 'em, Smoke 'em, Put Another BOOTLEG Out

Ugly Things magazine #30

You may be tempted by a forthcoming reissue of Patto's 1972 album, Roll 'em, Smoke 'em, Put Another Line Out.

Please don't - It is a blatant bootleg.

The 'album', which has been cobbled together by rogue 'label' Flawed Gems, offers versions of the original tracks, simply ripped off from an old CD, plus seven 'bonus' BBC session recordings lifted from The Archive.

Needless to say, neither producer Muff Winwood nor surviving Pattos, John Halsey and Clive Griffiths will see any of the ill-gotten gains from this venture.

The Archive is still working towards a legitimate release of this material. In the meantime, you can listen to online versions of this material on the OH website:

Roll'em, Smoke 'em, Put Another Line Out

Live at The Beeb

October 2011

Traveling Show  Part III

Ugly Things magazine #30

We are delighted to have been given permission to reproduce the concluding part of Ralph Heibutzki's extensive  Serendipitous & Surreal Six-Stringed Life & Times Of Ollie Halsall  from Issue # 31 of US magazine Ugly Things.

You can read the online version  here  but, even better, please buy a real analogue copy! Both the  back issue  and the latest volume are available by mail order. It doesn't cost much more than a UK muso mag - the difference is it's far better than anything you'll get over here!

October 2011

Neil Innes Video

Ugly Things magazine #30

Two live sessions from Neil Innes with Ollie on guitar




October 2011

Tempest Video

Ugly Things magazine #30

Remarkable footage of Tempest miming [unfortunately] to three Living in Fear tracks, plus a great little interview


October 2011

Rey Lui

Ugly Things magazine #30

Two live in concert videos from 1992 plus an unbelievable scat guitar/vocal solo from Ollie on the title track of 'Veloidad' from 1990

May 2011


Ollie with Tempest at Fano, Italy 1974Some remarkable images of Tempest in concert at Fano, Italy 1973.






March 2011

Traveling Show Part II

Ugly Things magazine #30We are delighted to have been given permission to reproduce part two of Ralph Heibutzki's extensive Serendipitous & Surreal Six-Stringed Life & Times Of Ollie Halsall from Issue # 30 of US magazine Ugly Things.

You can read the online version here but, even better, please buy a real analogue copy! Both the back issue and the latest volume are available by mail order. It doesn't cost much more than a UK muso mag - the difference is it's far better than anything you'll get over here!

March 2011

Ugly Things #31

Ugly Things magazine #31The latest issue of Ugly Things is out NOW.

This mammoth 224 page magazine features the final part of Ralph Heibutzki's Ollie Halsall trilogy

Also in this issue: Billy Harrison, guitarist and founder member of Van Morrison’s seminal R&B group Them; The Norton Records and Kicks magazine story; The Pleasure Seekers starring Detroit’s girl garage queens the Quatro sisters;. James Williamson in the Coba Seas and the Stooges; A listeners’ guide to Wreckless Eric; Jimi Hendrix: The Dead Hendrix albums; Cleveland ‘60s punks the Missing Lynx; the 40 Fingers, surfin’ with the Sentinals; The Masters Apprentices and lots more.

Order online now at

$8.95 [approx £4.50]

arch 2011

Timebox poster

Timebox posterOriginal Timebox keyboard wizard, 'Professor' Chris Holmes found this remarkably rare poster at the recent Queen [band, not monarch] Exhibition at The Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, London.

Smile were, of course, the predecessor to Queen and one has to wonder whether Brian May knew or was aware of Halsall. [Bugger. I actually met BM once and, unbelievably omitted to ask him - Ed]

March 2011

Pete Moss

Viv StanshallPete moss was Viv Stanshall's MD from the demise of the Bonzos until his death, and was at the Bloomsbury theatre in his role as shouter, fixer, sorter-outer of Viv's often chaotic arrangement ideas, duet vocalist and various instruments.

Here he recounts the legendary concerts.

February 2011

Guy Mann-Dude

Guy Mann-DudeGuy Mann-Dude is a respected, American-born musician who was best known in the late 1980s and early 1990s after his self-named band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1988.

In this article he talks about the influence of Ollie Halsall on his music.

Timebox TV

TimeboxUnbelievably, some 42 years after it was recorded, a video of Timebox at the height of their brief moment of fame has been discovered by Roger Houdaille.

The three-song session was recorded live in July 1968 for French television and has never been seen since.

The most startling revelation is Ollie playing his white Fender Telecaster on the final offering, Come On Up.

We are, therefore, delighted to be able to featre this on the Timebox page.

October 2010

Hollywood Bowl

PattoThe recent Ugly Things magazine article included some never before seen photos of the Pattos at the Hollywood Bowl, which they played as part of the infamous 1972 tour with Joe Cocker.

The photographer, John Greenleigh of, has been kind enough to allow us to reproduce some high-quality versions on this site.

Some others from the same photo-shoot have been on Ken Thornton's Timebox and Patto Fan Site for years, so we have put them altogether on this fantastic photo-album page.

October 2010

John Cale

Ollie with John CaleJoerg Reinicke has managed to source a complete John Cale radio concert recorded in Hamburg, 1985 featuring Ollie on guitar. It's a very good quality recording, so, once we've had a chance to give it a good listen we'll report back and try and get some of it uploaded.

Details here

October 2010

Live Gigs That Rocked NZ

Ollie in New ZealandPhotographer, Lloyd Godman, who was responsible for the remarkable pictures of Ollie from Patto's 1972 New Zealnd tour with Joe Cocker has contrivuted to a new pictorial chronice of the New Zealand rock scene over the past 50 years. Full details here

btw Here's cool little video thing from Lloyd which you might enjoy.

September 2010

A new entry at #12

gibson headstockIn a 'Readers' Poll' on the Gibson website, Patto's 1971 album Hold Your Fire is placed at number 12.

This astounding result, which places The Pattos' masterpiece above Physical Graffiti [quite rightly] and even the Bluesbreakers album, is in no small part due to a superbly orchestrated online campaign organised by Paul Janisch.

Full results here [Readers' Poll is half way down the page]

Playing The Band

Playing In the BandPlaying the Band' - The Musical Life of Jon Hiseman (and lots more besides!) by Martyn Hanson. Published by Temple Music.

Over 450 pages with over 100 colour and B&W photos from J&B's private collection.

No preview copy available, but sure to include some interesting reading about Ollie Halsall's time with and Tempest in 1973/4.

Order from 20 October via the TM online shop and on Amazon and ebay. Cover price £16.95.

Pre-order it exclusively here at special price of £12.95 inc. p&p.

After 20th Oct. price will increase to £13.95 plus p&p . Copies signed by the author and JH & BT (the perfect xmas gift) are available for ordering now at £14.95. Offer closes 30th November.

September 2010

Filey Bay

Ollie at Filey Bay 1966Mark Gardiner worked at Butlins Holiday Camp at Filey, West Yorkshire, in 1966, where Timebox where Timebox worked a summer season.

Mark was the cinema projectionist and has kindly provided some remarkable photographs here

Many thanks to both 'Professor' Chris Holmes and Paul Janisch, who directed Mark in the direction of The Archive.

August 2010

Traveling Show

Ugly Things magazine #29We are delighted to have been given permission to reproduce part one of Ralph Heibutzki's extensive Serendipitous & Surreal Six-Stringed Life & Times Of Ollie Halsall from US magazine Ugly Things.

You can read the online version here but, even better, please buy a real analogue copy! Both the back issue and the latest volume are available by mail order. It doesn't cost much more than a UK muso mag - the difference is it's far better than anything you'll get over here!

See details below:

July 2010

Ugly Things #30

Ugly Things magazine #30Summer’s here and the time is right for… Ugly Things #30. This mammoth 224 page magazine features the second part of Ralph Heibutzki's extensive and long-awaited fully illustrated Ollie Halsall and Patto article.

Also in this issue: a Kinks special featuring an extensive, no holds barred interview with Ray Davies by Kinks biographer Jon Savage; The Masters Apprentices, ‘60s garage punks The Hysterics, girl garage rockers The Bittersweet, Dutch beat icons Q65, ‘70s Texas punks The Nervebreakers, Perth County Conspiracy, The New Nadir, and lots more.

Order online now at

$8.95 [approx £4.50]

April 2010

Ronni Urini

Ronni 'Rocket' Urini's rare 1983 7" Single A-Side Sailship is finally making its debut in gloriously remastered form on a new Austrian 2-CD compilation Neonbeats - Austrian New Wave and Postpunk

This is a limited edition of just 700 copies on the Austrian Klanggalerie label.

Ollie (together with Kevin Ayers) gets a full credit in the booklet for playing guitar on the track.

Our correspondent, Christian Loebenstein, reports that a big release party is taking place in Vienna on Saturday and he will certainly ask Ronnie if he remembers the session and particularly Ollie.

March 2010

Vivian Stanshall

We have received not only some truly superb photos from Viv's legendary 1991 Bloomsbury Theatre concerts, but also a remarkable 20 minute audio interview with Ollie.

The content of the recording, made by Viv's friend Dean Cole, portrays Ollie as an enthusiastic, optimistic and hard-working musician, clearly at the pinnacle of his profession. It is almost inconceivable that, less than a month later, he should fall victim to the evils of drug abuse.

Audio interview, photos and full story here

February 2010

Don't You Rock Me [Daddy-O] !

An elusive recording of The Pattos in Italy, 1972 has been circulating on these strange 'torrent' sites [which are beyond me - why make it so complicated? Just give us a download link!].

Anyway, good friend of The Archive, Roger Houdaille, who clearly understands these things has provided a copy, and it's pretty damn good.

The sound quality [portable cassette] is not up to much, but it is better than many, with a good overall balance. There is some seriously good widdling from Mr H and a brilliant skiffle session, featuring The Admiral on washboard.

You can download it here. if you're quick. Otherwise, email us and we'll see what we can do ;-)

See the Patto Antholliegy page for set list and more details

December 2009

The Mucky Duck

Some time ago, Bob Beecher unearthed some remarkable photographs of Ollie in full bee regalia. There was some confusion regarding the source of these images, but it is now clear that they were from the Patto reunion gig at The Black Swan [aka The Mucky Duck], Sheffield in 1975.

Amazingly, Bob has discovered some more from the same concert and we are delighted to display them here

Many thanks to Mr Beecher for these contributions.

December 2009

Rusty Strings

Rusty StringsPerhaps the most bizarre artefact of Ollie's entire career, these multi-track instrumental recordings were made in early 1973, around the time of Patto's final, unreleased album Monkey's Bum.

Ollie had experimented with the layered speeded-up guitar tracks on the song I Need You [from the aforementioned album] and had also used the technique with devastating effect on Singing The Blues on Reds from Roll 'em, Smoke 'em . . . However, the 'Rusty Strings' tracks are a world away from such masterpieces.

Quite why he chose to do them is a mystery. Apparently, he planned a whole album under the pseudonym and there are reports of other tracks, such as covers of Elvis Presley classics either completed or in the pipeline.

Equally unaccountable is why anyone would want to release them, but RCA did just that in early 1974 with a single coupling the Jerome Kern tune with a Halsall original [which does have some redeeming features].

'Admiral' John Halsey describes these efforts as "Horrible".

We are still waiting for a chart entry ;o)
Many thanks to 'Rutling' Ken Thornton of the Patto Fan Site for finding and researching these recordings.

Many thanks to 'Rutling' Ken Thornton of the Patto  Fan Site for finding and reseraching these recordings.

October 2009

The Next Big Thing

Ugly Things magazine #29

Ugly Things #29 features an extensive and excellent article on Ollie Halsall and Timebox by Ollie-freak, Ralph Heibutzki [aka the artiste, Chairman Raplh].

At least two further installment pf the Halsall story are planned for future editions of the magazine. This weighty tome is also jam-packed with loads of other great material.

Order your copy now from:

October 2009

Hinkley's Cancelled

Unfortunately, the Hinkley's Heroes reunion and memorial benefit at The Electric Ballroom in Camden has been canceled due to poor ticket sales.


The Electric Ballroom
184 Camden High Street
London NW1 8QP

Peter Conway Management presents:

Featuring: Tim Hinkley, Henry McCullough, Mel Collins, John "The Admiral" Halsey, Bobby Tench, Steve Simpson, Jimmy Karstein, Neil Hubbard, Poli Palmer ........ plus some special surprise guests!

Tickets £15.00adv. £20.00 on the door

September 2009

New Photos

Ian (Buda) Carpenter in Australia has unaethed some remarkable photographs of Ollie with Kevin Ayers. The images - showing Ollie playing a Gibson Melody Maker or Les Paul Junior - are probably from 1980 and are concert shots probably taken in Spain.

Now uploaded at the bottom of the Ayers archive page in the Antholliegy.

September 2009

Let There be Drums!

'Starvin' Marvin Siau has unearthed a marvellous clip of Kevin Ayers from Belgian TV in 1982.

For some unaccountable reason, the members of his touring band decided to play musical chairs with the instrumentation. This resulted in Ollie being reunited with his first love, the drum kit . Whilst girlfriend Zanna Gregmar does a Hendrix impersonation with his Gibson SG guitar.

"Kevin would play on any piece of wood that 's in tune and to save time in between gigs play on the same gear as the band before, " says Marvin.

"It encouraged me to play without pedals on an odd instrument in uncomfortable circumstances sometimes, see how long I would hold out, hihi, learned a lot from that!"

Bassist Bolle Gregmar recalls: " We all switched around on the instruments vecause Ollie didn't care to pose for a guitar solo he wasn't actually playing, so He's on Drums, Zanna on wicked Guitar, and Pedro Colom [bass player] on keyboard and me [drummer] on bass.

We did the whole thing in one real take and one rehearsal. wish it were better quality. but This is a fun moment in the Bruxelles TV station. On that same Billing were The Jam and they did A Town Called Malice. There was a guitar incident with a forgotten Rickenbacker 12-string for Paul Weller and he refused to even play Kevin's 6-string Rickenbacker which was offered. So the result was that Mr Weller performed in the video sans guitaire."

Watch here

September 2009

Warts and All MP3 Download

We are delighted to announce the release of an MP3 Download version of the live Patto album, recorded at The Black Swan, Sheffield, in 1971.

The original CD is completely sold out and there are no plans for a reissue. We are taking this step to ensure continued availability of the only in-concert recording of the band.

The Archive hopes to be able to extend the facility to other recordings in the near future.

Full details here

July 2009

Patto in New Zealand

Photographer Lloyd Godman has been going through some slides for a forthcoming book and came across two remarkable images of Ollie on the New Zealand leg of their 1972 tour supporting Joe Cocker.

Pictures are posted on the Patto archive page half way down the left hand side.

> Lloyd Godman site

June 2009

Tempest at The Marquee

Is there no stopping this man? Satoru has now come up with a magnificent complete show by Tempest, live at The Marquee, London in October 1973.

Halsall is on fire on this one. The balance is not perfect, but Ollie's guitar is something else.

Qne of the best examples of how to blow every other guitar player of the stage in 2009 - let alone 1973.

Quite simply, this performance rewrites the accepted development of rock guitar virtuosity.

June 2009

Patto at The Beeb

For many years, the Archive has held a really poor quality recording of Patto on a BBC Radio 1 John Peel: In Concert show from 1971.

Remarkably we have just acquired a copy direct from a BBC transcription disc.

Apart from the vinyl surface noise [which should be little problem to minimise] the recording is excellent and details are listed in the Patto Live page of the Antholliegy listings. The set includes an extra track not previously heard.

The Pattos are augmented by Bernie Holland on guitar, who does a splendid job - particularly when Ollie is otherwise occupied on the vibes. Bernie had stood in on bass for an ailing Clive Griffiths for some time and was asked to stay upon Griff's return.

Many thanks to Yonemoto Saturo for finding this fantastic show.

June 2009

Andy Partridge - PopDose Interview

Andy Partridge of XTCPaul Janisch managed to put some questions to long-time Ollie freak, Andy Partridge of XTC, via a user-interview facility on the PopDose site.

Read here

June 2009


Ollie in KidderminsterAndy Lloyd has discovered some remarkable photographs of Timebox in concert in the sleepy English town of Kidderminster in 1968.

Andy managed to track down the photographer, Colin Hill. The Archive contacted him and he very kindly allowed us to post the photos here

June 2009

Gear magazine

Graham Oliver of SaxonCongratulations to Graham Oliver of Saxon for managing to namecheck Ollie in an interview for Gear magazine.

Read Graham's earlier contribution to the Archive here


May 2009

Vote For Me

The 5th Patto, and guitarist extraorinaire, Bernie Holland, has entered into the spirit of the Eurovision Song Contest and entered his take on the current political turmoil.

The Archive has awarded him 'Cent points' and considers that this would have been a better bet than that dirge by Andrew Lord Webbed-Feet

May 2009

Graham Oliver of Saxon

Graham Oliver of SaxonNone other than Saxon guitarist, Graham Oliver, has kindly contributed some memories of his first encounter with Ollie at an unlikely venue.

Read here

April 2009

Warts & All

Warts and AllWe have, literally, just a few copies of the Patto live abum left. These are the last remaining from 'Admiral' John Halsey's personal stock.

Once it's gone, it's gone!


April 2009

Rutles Rehearsals

Joerg Reinick has sourced digital versions of a Rutles rehearsal recording from 1978.

The session features Ollie on lead guitar and vocals, with Neil Innes [rhythm, vocals,] John Halsey [drums, vocals] and Rickky Fataar [preumably, on bass].

These are remarkable performances barely removed from the final studio versions. Halsall provides not only some distinctive bursts of guitar but, throughout, remarkable pastiches of classic Beatles licks.

The Archive has held a cassette version these for many years but has not got around to documenting them until now.

Details here

February 2009

Patto Music for Movie

Two tracks from Patto's 1970 debut album are featured in a new film. The movie, Observe and Report, which stars Seth Rogan is released in April 2009 and includes the songs Sittin' Back Easy and The Man.

February 2009

Enos you Know

Ollie gets a brief mention in a biography of the life and times of Brian Eno. In the book, On Some Faraway Beach, by David Sheppard, Eno talks about the Kevin Ayers June 1st 1974 conceret and waxes lyrical about Ollie's "'fluent creamy solos'.

Halsall was, naturally, quite taken with the eccentric Eno and talks about him in this 1974 interview

January 2009

Love at First Solo

The December 2008 issue of Uncut magazine features a lengthy interview with Kevin Ayers and includes the following quote:

"Ollie Halsall is one of the most under-rated guitarist in the world - he played the shit out of people like Clapton and Jeff Beck. He was really adaptable and could go from the gentlest song. really listen to the song, not just like a guitar player, but sensitive to a piec of music. But he could also be as had a rocker as anyone.

My favourite Ollie quote is: "There are only two people I'd play free for: that's you and Randy Newman." It was an enduring collaboration: It was love at first solo.

At the time, I had a nice big house in Mallorca, and he and his girlfriend [Zanna Gregmar] moved in - and we did a lot of work in and around Spain. We'd started collaborating and writing songs. It was like the musical equivalent of having a partner.

I don't want to give everything away, really, but he started working with Spanish bands, as I didn't have enough going on, and they were paying him loads. And he hated it, and he fell into bad ways . . . and died of it. It was a massive loss of a friend and a great talent."

The November issue of this fine publication included the following from a Rutles article:

June 1977: Innes, Fatso drummer Halsey, South African bassist/drummer Ricky Fataar and ace guitarist Ollie Halsall are rehearsing Innes' 20 Rutles songs and trying not to collapse in laughter.  Halsall, left-handed and similar to Macca in vocal range hopes to land the Dirk role in the film.

"We had Ollie", says John Altman, "who could reproduce anything, play it upside down and make it funny all at the same time."

To Halsall's disappointment, the part of Dirk has gone to Idle.  Everyone who works with him later raves about Halsall's contributions as guitarist and singer,  and he gets a 3-second cameo in the film as Leppo, the fifth rutle.

January 2009

Guitar Techniques

The February 2009 issue publishes a letter from Pete Price asking for a feature on Ollie Halsall.

The magazine agrees he 'has to be in GT' and the Archive has contacted them about a possible article. More news as and when.

November 2008


Playing In the BandBrian Godding's Fender Telecaster - loaned to Halsall for a few months in the late 70s still bears the signs of use and abuse to the neck.




November 2008

Joe Cocker

Buda, from Australia, sent this rather disturbing photo of Joe Cocker under arrest in Melbourne during the 1972 tour with Patto.

November 2008


A new version of a Patto gig in Germany has been discovered. The performance was previously documented as being from Italy because Mike Patto says "Buon Giorno!" at one point. Of course, as Andy Bassford points out, this almost categorically proves it was not Italy!. Marc Bouhier suggests that the exact venue was probably the Oberrheinhalle in Offenburg.

The original version of the recording was truly appalling. Now, thanks to a discovery by David Osbiston, we now have a far better example. The overall sound is still poor but Ollie's guitar is quite distinct and quite stunning in places. Try this excerpt from Route 66.

August 2008

Photo Genie

A couple of photographic additions to the Tempest and Blossom pages, from Marty Zucker who got these rare pictures at a 'swap meet' filed under 'Misc'. "The guy had no idea who Ollie was!"

August 2008

To Bee or not to Bee

To Bee or not to BeeBob Beecher [no pun intended!] has kindly contributed an xtraordinary photograph of Ollie wearing a bee costume!

See full details here

August 2008


Beggin'It's been a bit quiet lately but, as they say: "No news is, er, no news!?" Anyway, Cherry Red/RPM have released a Timebox compilation Beggin - The Sound Of London's Mod/Club Scene.

This expands the now-deleted Deram Anthology with the two early singles: Soul Sauce/I Wish I Could Jerk like my Uncle Cyril and I'll Always Love You/Save Your Love, although, sadly, omits Misty.

Having abandoned my subscriptions to Mojo and Record Collector I was only made aware of this album by Timebox keyboard wizard Professor Chris Holmes himself, who wins the Any news is better than nothing award.

Details and ordering from Cherry Red Records here

May 2008


Fuzz magazineSwedish rock magazine Fuzz recently published a short Halsall restrospective. Although comprising mostly information they got from this site, the article does include some great new input from both Steve Yorks and Zanna Gregmar.

Many thanks to Anders Öhman - not only for spotting it in the first place, but also for translating it into English.

May 2008

It was 20 years ago today . .

Well, very nearly. Joerg Reinicke has found a remarkable live recording of Kevin and Ollie in Holland from 1988. It's a complete concert from Club LVC, Leiden, Holland in the Spring of 1988. It's quite remarkable how these things suddenly turn up after almost exactly 20 years.

The set includes a rare complete Am I Really Marcel together with and the only known version of Cocaine Blues. Elsewhere, Ollie throws the Superstition riff into Didn't Feel Lonely.


April 2008

Johnny Guitar!

Armand Serra recently visited 'Admral' John Halsey to show him Ollie's famous Gibson SG Custom. John happily posed with the instrument which has been lovingly restored by Armand.

John Halsey with Ollie's guitar

March 2008

Rutles DO Get Back!

The Rutles get confirms that the rumoured Rutles reunion did take place at the Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood on Monday 17 March 2008.

Following a question-and-answer session, Eric Idle, Neil Innes, John Halsey and Ricky Fataar took to the stage - bizarrely, for the first time ever.

"This is the first that a band has reunited before they have actually united in the first place!" quipped Idle.

Celebrities present included Andy Summers, Jeff Lynne, Peter Asher and The Simpsons regular Dan Castellaneta A message from Sir Mick Jagger (who appeared in the Rutles 1978 film All You Need Is Cash) said "I can't believe you have decided to recreate your magnificent past. I wish I could be there. If only to laugh!"

March 2008

Record Collector

The March 2008 issue actually included The Archive's following response to an earlier article:

Barry Winton's excellent evaluation of the Island Records catalogue (RC 346) manages to name-check guitarist Ollie Halsall no less than six times (seven, if he had included the Kevin Ayers' June 1st 1974 contribution). It is surely time for a substantial feature on this extraordinary musician, who played on at least 70 albums between 1970 and his untimely death in 1992.

Halsall is often damned with the faint praise 'under-rated' but I would suggest that 'ignored' or 'overlooked' would be more accurate. I am increasingly convinced that some sort of conspiracy exists to maintain the hierarchy of rock guitar guitar and suppress any re-evaluation. It is, perhaps, inconvenient that the finest player we ever had ended his career playing small European clubs with an ageing hippy singer-songwriter.

March 2008

Rutles Get Back?

Rutles albumThe Rutles may be re-uniting to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their cult movie All You Need is Cash.

According to,
a digitally-restored screening at Grauman's Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood, will be followed by a live performance from the original 'band' - Barry Wom [John Halsey], Stig O'Hara [Ricky Fataar], Ron Nasty [Neil Innes] and Dirk McQuickly [Eric Idle].

This is, of course, stretching credulity a bit, considering that Eric neither played nor sung on the original recordings.

Further cold water may be poured on the idea by Admiral John Halsey, who says that "this Rutle is not to keen on spending money on flights transfers hotels etc to see a thirty year old film.

"What I am interested in" adds John, "is the Neil Innes and Fatso tour in October"

February 2008


A quite superb [considering it's age] recording of Tempest has surfaced.

The concert at The Alcione Theatre, Genoa, Italy, March 1974, courtesy of Joerg Reinicke from Germany, includes a complete set including the elusive Dream Train.

There is some deterioration of the original tape but we have fixed the worst of this.

Listen online here

February 2008

Radio Patto

Patto are the 'house band' for Eddie Gaines' Egyptian Tomb programme on 10radio Sunday 10 February 2-4pm.

You can receive 10Radio on 105.3 FM in the Wiveliscombe|Taunton|Wellington area of Somerset. Otherwise, listen online at


January 2008

Treasured Island

Record Collector magazineBarry Winton's excellent evaluation of the Island Records catalogue in the February 2008 issue of Record Collector magazine, manages to namecheck Ollie Halsall no less than six times [and it would have been seven, but for the omission of his spectacular contribution to Kevin Ayers' June 1st 1974 album].

January 2008

Sound and Vision

gramophoneIf you haven't visited for some time you may be pleasantly surprised by the wealth of media clips now available. Although video is, of course, near-impossible to find, I shall continue to add audio samples as often as possible. If anyone has a particular favourite, I will be pleased to include it.

January 2008

Grave News: On the case

Tomás Graves [no pun intended] - who has the good fortune to reside in Deia - writes "Although knob attrition is one of the lesser known processes of nature, I do have a couple of spare knobs somewhere. It's not the first time one has fallen (or been prised) off."

January 2008

Grave News [sorry!]

knobNot the best way to start the new year, but Reijo Lainela from Helsinki has just visited Ollie's memorial stone in the graveyard at Deia and reports that one of the guitar knobs is missing.

I only hope this is not vandalism or the work of some sick souvenir hunter. Reijo says "If I only knew this beforehand, I could have taken a replacement and some good glue!"

So, if anyone is planning a trip to Mallorca in the near future, please restore the memorial to its former condition [see photo] - Do ask permission beforehand, though. I'll give a prize to anyone who fixes it!

December 2007

New Ayers video

Record Collector magazineSome previously unseen footage of Kevin and Ollie from 1982 in Spain. The concert also features Zanna Gregmar [keys], Miguel Figuerola [drums] and Pere Colom [bass] and four of the songs are available on the Kevin Ayers page. Many thanks to Ian Carpenter for this remarkable video

November 2007

Site maintenance

Many days inside the computer with a hammer and a pair of pliers to produce a totally revised 'interface' [as they say]. Loads of new things to find, including remarkable footage of Kevin and Ollie from their very last shows together at the Shaw Theatre, London, April 1992

November 2007

Abbots Langley

Abbots LangleyThe new album of previously unreleased recordings by Ollie Halsall is now set for release on 14 January 2008 by Market Square Records [MSMCD 145] but is available online NOW!

The material, which includes nine Halsall originals, dates from a 1980 colaboration with drummer John Halsey and is completed by some very unusual extra recordings.

Full details here

October 2007

All that glisters . .

[Beat Club DVD]

Just Say BlueThis from Roger Houdaille:

"So, I just got in a copy of that Progressive Times Vol. 4 1970/71, which is nothing more than a fancy packaged bootleg. What's worst is they used the exact same source as my copy of the Patto clip!, which means, either it came from my trading (which hasn't been many at all) or this release is related to the guy I got the copy from . . . who does have virtually every Beat Club performance. The menus are also very basic, and the label called Orange DVD is based in Switzerland. The packaging was real nice though . . . sure had me fooled!"

Well, there you go. And I'm seething about it because I believe the bootleggers had the damn nerve to complain about the YouTube version and have it removed. Unbelievable.

Anyway it's back up again and you can still watch it here

October 2007

Abbots Langley

A new album of previously unreleased recordings by Ollie Halsall is finally set for release shortly by Market Square Records [MSMCD 145].

The material, which includes nine Halsall originals, dates from a 1980 colaboration with drummer John Halsey and is completed by some very unusual extra recordings.

Email for latest details and availability.

October 2007


I was kindly sent what I assumed to be three and a half minutes of missing guitar from the intro to Living In Fear [Tempest, Teatro Nuovo, Torini, 1974]. Having laboriously cobbled this onto the existing track, I then realised that it was merely a clip 7 minutes into the original recording [doh!]

Never mind. It's slightly better quality than I had, so here is a quite remarkable compilation of solo guitar [minus some rather irritating monophonic synthesiser]

August 2007

15 Love

wakecrop.jpgErik Amkoff has kindly contributed a remarkable recording of the Pattos at the Royal Tennis Courts[!], Stocholm, from February 1972.

The gig was one of the dates of on a tour supporting Ten Years After - Alvin Lee had the unenviable task of trying to follow that every night!

Not only did Erik mange to capture the event on his portable cassette player, but his friend, Anders Öhman took a couple of photos and has documented the event.

August 2007

Beat Club Progressive Times Vol.4 1970 DVD, £13.00 (Orange - 28204)

Just Say BlueHaving been removed from YouTube, this Patto performance is now available on DVD. Rather a lot to pay for one appalling video, but it does comprise one of only two items of footage remaining. Appears to be NTSC only, unfortunately.

Thanks to Roger Houdaille and Chris Dupre who, unlike me, must actually read the Freak Emporium emails!

August 2007

Duffy Power

Just Say BlueUS Ollie-freak, John McCarthy has kindly brought to our attention a previously unknown session by Ollie with 60's rock 'n roll star, Duffy Power. The album, Just Say Blue [1995] comprises recordings from the 1966-67 and a shelved LP recorded with Rod Argent in the early 1970s. Although Ollie plays on only one of the later tracks [Lawdy Miss Clawdy] this, nevertheless, represents an valuable addition to the antholliegy.

July 2007


juan and ollieWell, it's been a long time but, at last, something new. Juan Javier Martínez, drummer with Spanish group Callejones has kindly contributed his own 'recording diary of the sessions Ollie produced and played on, for their 1991 album, Al Pie Del Cañón.

July 2007


The inimitable John Otway reads an extract from his autobiography :o)



March 2007

Tattoo for Patto

Swedish guitarist and serious Ollie-freak Kee Marcello, of Easy Action and Europe, plays a heartfelt and convincing tribute with a recording entitled Tattoo for Patto



March 2007

Carl Berry

All accepted theories concerning the origins of Rock & Roll are effectively overturned by this 1945 [yes, 1945!] recording by Louis Jordan [and his Timpani 5]. The intro features Carl Hogan playing THE guitar riff 10 years before Mr Berry

March 2007

Mainstream Machine

A very interesting insight into the Bohemiam world of Deia, Mallorca in the late 80's is given by Mike Shefrin's account of the jazz combo, Mainstream Machine

March 2007

Rick Nielsen

Armand Serra has kindly sent a remarkable photo of none other than Cheap Trick guitarist and long-time Ollie-freak Rick Nielsen with the rennovated 'Blue Traff' guitar.



March 2007


John Cale's OGWT performance of Dying on The Vine was shown as part of a BBC4 production New York Rock at the The BBC. If anyone managed to record this, please get in touch, because it would be good to upgrade our our ancient VHS transcription

March 2007

Ollie and Ali

Rutles musical director and arranger John Altman has kindly contributed some stories about Ollie and an account of a truly remarkable gig



March 2007

Blue Traff

Armand Serra's quest for The Holy Grail has finally been realised by his discovery and rennovation of what is almost certanly Ollie's most famous guitar

March 2007

Piper 2000

Francesco Malfatti recalls Patto's memorable appearance at The Piper 2000 club in Viareggio, Italy in July 1972



March 2007


If you are a UK resident, please spare, literally, a few seconds to sign Dominic Cronin's online petition against the absurd situation now threatening live music.

February 2007

Unsung Hero

The image US Guitar Player magazine includes the following entry in a list of 101 Gutar Greats an Unsung Heroes:

Although Halsall's most famous work is on the ultimate Beatles send-up, The Rutles, the British underground legend was also capable of expansive improvisations, unparalleled musicality, and blinding technique. "His playing on the first two Patto albums is it," says XTC's Andy Partridge of Halsall's early '70s fusion outfit. "His solos would explode into the ionosphere like a John Coltrane improvisation."

February 2007

Warts & All

John Halsey's superb recording of Patto LIVE at The Black Swan, Sheffield in 1971, is available again through this site. This is the ONLY live Patto album and, in The Admiral's own words "The solo on Let It Rock alone is worth the purchase price!"

Full details here

January 2007


"While the pie was in the oven, we went back to the studio to complete the painting"

Part two of Bernie Holland's recollections covers various dinner menus and the creation of a painting - 'La Vogheur Lough''

January 2007


A limited edition of the album, which has been completely sold out for some time, is now available again - with revamped artwork.

Full details here

January 2007

Under the Blossom

The full extent of Ollie's involvement with Tempest is revealed in this excerpt from David Wells' album sleeve notes


January 2007

The Patto & Timebox Fan Site

Our 'sister' site in the US now has a new address:
Please visit - loads of great stuff there

January 2007


Amazingly, a couple more photos of Patto - This time from Paris in 1972, courtesy of Armand Serra. They were taken at the time of the remarkable French TV session which featured Bernie Holland on bass in place of the indisposed Clive Griffiths.

January 2007


A couple of remarkably rare photos of Patto in Sweden, 1972, kindly contributed by Anders Öhman - who also gives a fascinating account of the impact the band had there.

January 2007


It is a little-known fact that the UK ringtone [i.e the one you hear in your earpiece - NOT the one the phone makes] and engaged signal are pitched to G. This, of course, provides a cheap and widely accessible tuning device :-)

Thanks to Adam Croft for this invaluable tip.

January 2007

Tom's First Hit!
The very first recording by Thomas Edison, 1877 :-)

January 2007

Guitar Player

US Guitar Player magazine February 2007 issue [cover picture: Tommy Bolin] features '101 forgotten greats & unsung heroes' [Page 83] - which includes the following brief acknowledgment of Ollie Halsall:

Although Halsall's most famous work is on the ultimate Beatles send-up, The Rutles, the British underground legend was also capable of expansive improvisations, unparalleled musicality and blinding technique. "His playing on the first two Patto albums is IT," says XTC's Andy Partridge of Halsall's early '70s fusion outfit". His solos would explode into the ionosphere like a John Coltrane improvisation."

More . . .

December 2006

Caves reissue

Market Square Records have arranged for a new pressing of Ollie's remarkable solo album from 1979. A limited edition of the album, which has been completely sold out for some time, will be available again - with revamped artwork - early in the New Year

Email here and ask to reserve your copy

December 2006

The Time Machine

Martyn Hanson has contacted the site regarding Ollie's time with Tempest for The Time Machine - a new book about John Hiseman. Martyn has written several earlier rock biographies, including works on Emerson, Lake & Palmer, The Nice and The Groundhogs and this project - which has the full backing of Hiseman - is due for publication in the Autumn of 2007

Latest details here

December 2006

It's That Man Again!

The interpid globe-trotting author John Engel is now also on National Public Radio getting another well-deserved plug for his gargantuan tome, 'Uncommon Sound'

Listen here

December 2006

Moose on the Loose
The Great 'Lost' Album

The Deram Anthology included most of the Timebox singles and b-sides plus tracks recorded for the unreleased album. Whilst it forms a comprehensive document of the band's recording career, it misses the golden opportunity to finally present the missing album 'Moose on the Loose'. You can now listen online to what the album probably would have comprised here

October 2006

Uncommon Radio

John Engel, author of Uncommon Sound, [the definitive work on left-handed guitarists] was on Robyn Johnston's special on left-handed musicians, On the Other Hand, on Saturday October 28th on Australian national radio.

This show promises to be quite interesting as John is the only guest. There are several Aussie southpaw musicians on hand, as well as a neuro-psychologist [!]. The program can be heard online here until Saturday 4 November.

Listen to excerpt

On the Other Hand

October 2006

'Boz' Burrell

Boz Burrell sadly died of heart failure at his home in Spain on 21 September. Probably best known as the bass player for Bad Company and King Crimson, Boz was also a member of Dick and The Fireman [the 'occasional' post-Patto band], Hinkley's Heroes, Centipede, and Steve York's Camelo Pardalis. He remained a close friend of both Mike Patto and John Halsey.


October 2006


Ace guitarist Bernie Holland is one of the few people to have played with The Pattos - and lived to tell the tale! Read all about it in this extraordinary interview


October 2006


I just found out some news about Ollie's white Gibson SG Custom guitar.

Ace session guitarist Martin Jenner [Everly Brothers, Barbara Dickson, Cliff Richard etc] bought the guitar in the 'late 70's' from Orange Music, London - who must have acquired it after Boxer's manager, Nigel Thomas, allegedly took all the band's gear against debts.

It is exquisitely ironic that, in a 1974 New Musical Express interview, Ollie offered the advice: "Don't go to Orange Music for your guitars."

Martin had the guitar 'for a few years' and removed the Vibrola [tremolo arm]. We know that Patto's roadie had converted the [originally] right-handed guitar and repositioned the controls accordingly [although foregoing the relatively simple job of converting the Vibrola] but Martin says that the cutaway 'horns' had actually been chopped off and swapped over to complete the conversion! Armand Serra states, however, that the longer horn was simply reduced to correct the aesthetics.

Martin Jenner sadly died in Australia a few years ago, so we have no idea what he did with the guitar or where it is now.

September 2006


Roger Houdaille [USA] receives the coveted Golden Moose award for finding this

The complete video comprises the whole of Time to Die and Money Bag plus a short interview. After that, the remainder of the half hour show [which I fear we will never see] was erased and used to record the excellent, but unwelcome in these circumstances, Ralph McTell.

It will cost you a mere 6 Euros to get the whole thing, but it's quite a protracted process - involving acquisition of the [free] DivX player. You will also need to learn French, or work in conjunction with BabelFish translator.

I did it, so it's not that difficult and, by crikey it's worth it!

August 2006

Timebox BBC Session

Top Sounds Records have released a complilation CD [and vinyl version] called Shapes and Sounds - Orange and red beams from the BBC archives 1967 - 1969

It includes four excellent tracks by Timebox: 'A Girl Like You [never recorded elsewhere], 'Beggin', 'Stay There' and and 'Yellow Van' [both with clear evidence of embryonic Halsall guitar]


Authorised release 2006

July 2006

Roll 'em, Smoke 'em, Put Another Line Out

The Archive has received numerous enquiries recently regarding the The Pattos' notorious 3rd and final authorised album Roll 'em, Smoke 'em, Put Another Line Out.

An exhaustive search of the web concludes that this essential album is not currently available anywhere. If anyone knows otherwise, please let us know.

The Archive takes the view that it is not, therefore, putting anyone's nose out of joint by making .mp3 versions temporarily available here

July 2006

Van der Graf Generator

Phil Smart of the VdGG site has informed us of their new book about Van der Graaf Generator, called "The Book". Ollie is only mentioned in passing but there's quite a lot about Keith Ellis.

Details here

July 2006

Caves | Warts and All Special Offer

Buy one album - get the other half-price!

Buy now

July 2006

World Cup special download

Patto - Live at The Piper Club,
Viarregio, Italy 1972

This has long been doing the rounds as part of an awful bootleg CD called Straight to the Tempest.

So, as a tribute to Italy's soccer victory, decent versions of the concert tracks are now available. Thanks to Francesco [Franceschino] Malfatti, who recorded the concert and to his friend Massimiliano [Max] Garre' for passing them on to the Archive.

Listen [at least] to the version of Hold Me Back for a truly stunning example of Ollie's guitar:

Hold Me Back

Incidentally, I cannot recommend highly enough the remarkable application called Audacity [used to master these .mp3's]. If you're into audio editing, forget the rest, this is the best.

June 2006


[Buy One Get One Half Price!]
Buy Caves or Warts & All and get the other album HALF PRICE


Total £16.49

Please email for alternative payment methods

June 2006

'Lost Jazz Album' - my arse!

The respected joutnal Record Collector magazine appears to have suffered a severe lapse in editorial standards resulting in the publication of a review of the dreaded Arkama bootleg album.

A response has been fired off to them and you can read both this and the offending article here

May 2006


Some high resolution [300dpi] pics now available to view | download from the Halsall photo Galliery

May 2006

Patto down-under

Nice poster from the Australian leg of Patto's 1972 world tour with Joe Cocker. Kindly supplied by Vezetek








Andrea Penessi's has kindly allowed his recording of Boxer at The Roundhouse, London, 1976 to be made available for download.

So, here it is!

[Photo: Andrea Pennesi]

April 2006


The only official live Patto album, Warts & All is now available directly from the OH Archive site. Initially, this will be via PayPal or mail order only, but a full online shopping facility will be established shortly. The current 'shop window' also includes Ollie's solo album Caves

April 2006

Abbots Langley

Plans are afoot for Market Square Records [who did the Caves album] to release an album of demos which Ollie made with John Halsey in 1980. Recorded at Ollie's house [in Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire] and at The Barge Studios in London, these remarkable tracks include a series of commisioned advertising jingles.

The album also include Ollie and Johns 'song' Bum Love [!] recorded during the same period for Morgan Fisher's 1979 Miniatures album. The former Otway keyboardist has also contributed some photos from the 1979 Otway tour.

More details soon.

March 2006

New York, New York

TF has very kindly sent a remarkable picture of Ollie at an Ayers gig at Hurrah's Club, New York in May 1980.

What is really interesting about this photo is that it clearly shows him playing a Gibson Les Paul Junior guitar. Now, I always thought his sound on the New York recordings was distinctly different and now, it seems, we know why.

Read the New York recollections here

March 2006

Uncommon Sound

John Engel's definitive, long-awaited book about left-handed guitar players and lefty guitars is finally available.

This is a lavishly packaged limied edition which promises to become a collector's item. A certain southpaw Southport lad is featured amongst this wealth of painstaking text and rare photographs.

Full details are available here

On the Other Hand

February 2006

The Outertunes

Tomás Graves has very kindly contributed this absolutely splendid little Latin instrumental piece he did with Ollie on acoustic guitar and marimba [as sort of ethnic xylophone!]


February 2006


For our overseas visitors we have now installed the amazing BabelFish page translator on the home page. Try it!



Whilst on the subject of online translators, those with nothing better to do will find hours of amusement at:

February 2006

Ducks in Flight -
The Lost Jazz Album

Please avoid this Akarma release which is yet another unauthorised bootleg. This time cobbling together the bonus tracks from A Sense of The Absurd plus, perversely, Teachers from the later Boxer album Bloodletting?!

These tracks are all available for download here

February 2006

Monkeys Bum

Don't buy the Arkama cassette masquerading as a CD and even vinyl album. The complete and nearest to original quality version is now available for download here

Whilst we're on the subject . . .
A 1982 radio broadcast of Kevin & Ollie at Venlo, Holland was issued on the Sweet Dreamer bootleg CD - so we've taken the opportunity to short-circuit that rip-off by making a better quality version available here

February 2006

Sonic Pollutions

I'm new to this 'blog' [web log] thing, but Ollie-freak The Maz has found an amazing one called Sonic Pollutions.

As well as being itself a veritable goldmine of 60's videos, it has endless links to other like-minded sites. Ollie is featured in one of the recent postings.

Seriously worth checking out.

January 2006

Shit, Muck, Err & Grolly!

Boxer drummer, Tony Newman, first worked with Ollie in the Kevin Ayers' backing band The Soporifics.

His career before and since has encompassed such diverse associations as: Sound Incorporated , Jeff Beck [Beck-Ola album], David Bowie [Diamond Dogs], May Blitz, The Baker-Gurvitz Army, Marc Bolan, Joe Brown, Whitesnake, Chris Spedding and The Everly Brothers.

Tony kindly contributed this piece following his latest outing with the Evs.

January 2006

Akarma Chameleons

The cowboy outfit Arkama records - previously responsible for the appalling quality Monkey's Bum CD - appear to have cobbled together yet another Patto bootleg - lifting the bonus tracks from A Sense of the Absurd plus, perversely, Boxer's live version of Teachers from the Bloodletting album.

This has been packaged under the title Ducks in Flight: The Lost Jazz Album. Please don't even think about buying this insult to the group's memory. All the tracks are available on existing albums.

If anyone knows an address | phone number | website for Arkama, please let us know.

December 2005

Caves illustrations

Finally got round to uploading Ollie's pen and ink illustrations for Caves [possibly the world's shortest book!]




November 2005


Rare interview now online

November 2005

Sense of the Absurd

Double CD reissue of the first two Patto albums appears to be available again at Amazon, but you'll have to be quick!


October 2005

Brian Godding

Former Blossom Toes guitarist Brian Godding has kindly contributed some fascinating recollections of his work and friendship with Ollie. Click here

October 2005

John Cale

A superb set of live concert recordings from 1985 [radio?] now available here. Many thanks to David Sandilands for hosting this material

October 2005

Kevin Ayers

Friendly BBC archivists Hux Records are reissuing Kevin Ayers' 'Singing The Bruise' and 'First Show In The Appearance Business' BBC Radio session collections on October 17. There are 5 previously unissued tracks including a version of 'Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes' from late 1974 with Ollie that has not seen the light of day before.

visit Hux Records for advance orders

October 2005


9 x Cale/Halsall tracks of unknown source [any ideas?] found on SoulSeek.
See listing

October 2005


Archive recordings now available for download via Soulseek peer-to-peer file-sharing.

See Media page

August 2005


Two complete archive tracks are now available for download. More soon.

August 2005

Record Collector

The September edition has considerable mention of the first 2 Patto albums in a feature on the Vertigo label releases. Luke warm and poorly researched: Appraisal of 1st album mispells both Ollie and Mike's surnames and 2nd omits any reference to Ollie whatsoever. Odd

August 2005

New Live Patto

Declan Barron has unearthed a cassette of The Rockin' Pattos live at The Wake Arms, Epping, Essex 1972. This features some insane Halsall guitar, with bass you can actually hear and some rare examples of The Admiral's 'doo wop' classics [and a hitherto vaguely remembered but long-lost version of Little Jimmy Brown!].

Highlight is an unknown 25 minute epic with Mike on piano. The Archive audio-gnomes are currently employed round the clock restoring this remarkable document.

Recording not available for trade

August 2005

Under the Blossom - Tempest anthology is now available:


Not entirely sure whether the Holdsworth|Halsall session is the version supplied by the Archive but certainly sounds better than the quality suggested by Jon's original source. Worth buying for the previously unreleased Dream Train alone which is an absolute gem - almost impossible to believe it was recorded 32 years ago! Any contemporary rock band would be delighted with a sound as good as this.

Track listing

July 2005

Under the Blossom

Jon Hiseman calls regarding the whereabouts of Ollie's family and is amazed tht the archive holds a copy the BBC transcription of the 1973 Halsal|Holdsworth session. He was about to use a crappy cassette version on the album.

Jon Hiseman's Temple Music site

July 2005

Under the Blossom

Tempest antholliegy is released at the end of July. This 2 x CD set will include the 1973 Halsall | Holdsworth BBC sessions and 3 unreleased tracks from the aborted third album from the trio of Hiseman | Clarke | Halsall. More details soon!

May 2005

A few bits of maintenance plus 'Lovers Leaping' - the story behind the Caves tapes.

February 2005 - site update

New 800 pixel wide format [which is how people do things these days] more pics and many corrections.

November 2004

'Tuning Up at Dawn'

A Memoir of Music and Majorca

[Fourth Estate/ HarperCollins]
ISBN: 0007128177 hardback 1st November
ISBN: 0007193777 paperback 29th November 2004

Tomás Graves' new book promises to be a fascinating read and includes a lengthy chapter featuring Ollie and his association with The Pa Amb Oli Band.

BBC Radio 4 has chosen this as their "Book of the Week": Monday 22nd - Friday 26th November.

Available from Amazon here:

August 2004 - site update.

Both Video [thanks Marty] and audio clips now available. Audio clips are currently .wma format since they seem to come out smaller. I'd prefer to use .mp3 but I'm still experimenting [anyone got any ideas?]. Tore Wildhauer from the Patto website gave me some useful info re Real Audio [which he uses] so may try that [If it's good enough for the BBC . . .]

July 2004

Bootlace Johnny

A new album by Terry Stamp, 'Bootlace Johnnie and the Ninety-Nines', is set for release in early summer 2004 on Burning Shed Records.

The new album is produced by Alistair Murphy of Cromerzone, and features 11 songs written by Terry Stamp and Jim Avery.

Nearly 30 years after 'Fatsticks', these eleven songs tell of Terry's time playing bass in his teens at the Wimbledon Palais, fronting Third World War in his twenties, and his adventures ever since in the New World. More info at:

Not him again!

July 2004 - site update

Revamped non-frames format with updated content, audio clips and many new photos including rare shots of Ollie with Spanish band Rey Lui, and Claudia Puyo/Kevin Ayers 1992 tour pictures.

March 2004

Terry Stamp - 'Fatsticks'

Terry has put pen to paper and come up with some fascinating recollections of the Fatsticks sessions with Ollie and Tony Newman.

See the new Fatsticks page.

February 2004 - site update

January 2004

New home of Caves - The Ollie Halsall Archive website

August 2003

John Otway 'Scraps'

New album of unreleased tracks, demos & rarities now available:
Click here for details

This superbly pacakged TRIPLE album includes the 1979 demos Otway did featuring Ollie Halsall on guitar, bass, vocals, very likely drums and, quite possibly, violin.

January 2003

Terry Stamp - 'Fatsticks'

Plans are afoot to re-release this classic 1975 album (featuring Ollie on guitar).
Track listing

More news expected soon. For more info on Terry, Fatsticks and Third World War, visit

July 2002

Michael de Albuquerque

Michael d'Albuquerue, bass player with ELO (The Electric Light Orchestra), made two superb solo albums: We May All Be Cattle But We've All Got Names (RCA SF 8383, 1973) and Stalking The Sleeper (WEA K56276, 1976).

Guest appearances included Brian Bennett, B J Cole, Gerry Conway & Frank Ricoti (drums/percussion), Gordon Beck (keyboards) & Alan Skidmore (saxophones) and Ollie Halsall who contributed some absolutely stunning guitar.

Click here to read Michael's fascinating recollections

August 2001


Respected rock magazine Mojo has commissioned a feature length article on the life & times of the Pattos. This follows the astouding result of the readers' 'cult-heroes' poll - which placed Patto second only to Alex Harvey.

The piece has been written by Harry Shapiro (with a little help from The Archive) and appears in the September 2001 issue (no. 94)

January 2000

Warts and All
Patto live at The Black Swan, Sheffield in 1971*


Nearly 30 years on you can experience the Pattos live as nature intended. This superbly packaged 11-track CD has been lovingly restored from drummer John Halsey's archive with an 8-page colour booklet - including rare
photos and notes by The Admiral himself.

It features John, Griff, Mike & Ollie at their peak, live at one of their favourite venues. Ollie's guitar work is absolutely astounding throughout. (The solo on 'Let it Rock' alone is worth the admission price!)

Warts and All is available ONLY by mail order (see below) and stocks are limited. So, go on, treat yourself to a real bit of history from the UK's finest-ever rock band.


January 1999


An album of Ollie Halsall's solo studio demos 1979*

When working with John Otway, Ollie gave him a cassette of some songs they might want to do. Amazingly, John kept the tape and more than 20 years later you can hear the full remastered version on this budget-priced CD.

Far from being merely rough sketches, these are complete multi-track performances (with Ollie on vocals and all instruments!) demonstrating the lighter side of Halsall's talent - as a singer-songwriter.

The colour booklet icludes notes by John Otway and extraordinary line-drawings by Ollie himself and this remarkable document can now only be considered as the great lost solo album.



July 1998

TIMEBOX - The Deram Anthology

At long last the Deram Anthology has been released. Whilst missing an opportunity to present simply the 'lost' album (Moose on the Loose), all the tracks are included together with all the Timebox A & B-sides

Available at all good stockists!



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