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The Ollie Halsall Archive is eager to obtain in any live audio or video performances featuring Ollie and any stories, anecdotes or reminiscences from those who knew him or simply saw him perform.

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about the former Blossom Toes guitarist

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Fascinating site of Otway band's keyboardist extraordinaire

Steve York
Famed session bass player whose 1973 album Manor Live featured both Ollie Halsall and Mike Patto

Pere Colom
Site of the photographer and former bassist with Kevin Ayers

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Zanna Gregmar Vocal Development

Founded and structured by Zanna Gregmar to teach performance skills, self esteem and confidence in young people.
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The Ollie Halsall Songbook

The Ollie Halsall Song Book

An online album featuring cover versions of Ollie - or related - songs.

Listen to the latest contributions here

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On the Radio


On The Mersey Beat
Radio Merseyside

Barry Monks interviewed by Spencer Leigh


The inimitable John Otway reads an extract from his autobiography ;-)

Martin Jenner
A contemporary of Ollie's. Another lefty with a unique approach. Not entirely representative of his talents, but the best footage I can find at present - accompanying Barbara Dickson's song High on Fortune:

Sunshine Taxman
A psychedelic 'mash-up'

Image result for george harrison and donovan


It is a little-known fact that the UK ringtone [i.e the one you hear in your earpiece - NOT the one the phone makes] and engaged signal are pitched to G. This, of course, provides a cheap and widely accessible tuning device :-)

Thanks to Adam Croft for this invaluable tip

Tom's First Hit!
The very first recording by Thomas Edison. 1877

On a vaguely related note:

Alexander Graham Bell is credited with the following marvellous understatement:

"I do not think I am exaggerating the possibilities of this invention when I tell you that; it is my firm belief that, one day, there will be a telephone in every major town in America."

Carl Berry
The origin of the Rock & Roll?

Carl Hogan plays a convincing Chuck Berry intro to Louis Jordan's Ain't That Just Like a Woman - 1945 [yes, 1945!]

A Hard Night's Chord
The definitive 6-string solution, courtesy of Donald Sauter

[Requires a friend to fret that bottom D]

Parker Goessling
Give It All Away?
Give up altogether, more like!

I wouldn't normally care for someone copying any solo note-for-note but this is truly something specal. Parker Goessling is a young guitarist from Boston MA, USA. Check out his band The Late here

But first, sit down and watch this:


Parker Goessling
Give the Dots Away!

It get's worse! Parker's even transcribed it!

"From Patto's 1970 album Hold Your Fire. Not the best video but I thought it would be nice to post for all the Ollie fans out there. I transcribed this solo for my guitar proficiency at Berklee in the Spring of 2015. Hope you enjoy!" PG


© Parker Goessling, 2017



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David Baxendale
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Dean Cole
Pere Colom
Morgan Fisher
Mark Gardiner
Lloyd Godman
John Greenleigh
Zanna Gregmar
Atonio Guccioni
Colin Hill
Olof Öhman
Marvin Siau




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