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Let it Rock!

The name 'Boxer' was almost certainly a reference to Mike Patto's early amateur boxing career

single 1975
All the Time in the World/
Don't Wait

Below The Belt 1975
Shooting Star
All the Time in the World
California Calling
Hip Kiss
More Than Meets the Eye
Waiting for a Miracle
Loony Ali
Save Me
Gonna Work Out Fine
Town Drunk Terry Stamp|Jim Avery

Halsall & Patto's final attempt at the big time. Shooting Star was surely a potential Number One. From an album packed with sure-fire hit singles, whatever posessed them to release All The Time in the World!?

Available from Cherry Red Records here

Live at the Roundhouse, London
21 February 1976
Recording: Andrea Pennesi

The thing I haven't mastered yet is a high energy thing where I can perform solos and chord work more spontaneously"
- Ollie Halsall 1976


Bloodletting 1976
Hey Bulldog Lennon|McCartney
Why Pick on Me
The Blizzard
Love Has Got Me
Rich Man's Daughter
Dinah Low Terry Stamp|Jim Avery
Big City Fever
Leonard Cohen
The Loner Neil Young

A third album, Absolutely, was made after Ollie's departure.

Available from Cherry Red Records here

Please avoid the Akarma release Ducks in Flight - The Lost Jazz Album which is an unauthorised bootleg of the bonus tracks from A Sense of The Absurd [together with, perversely, Teachers from the later Boxer album Bloodletting?! ]

BBC Radio sessions 1975
All the Time in the World
California Calling
Shooting Star
More Than Meets the Eye

Mike Patto keys vocals
Ollie Halsall
guitar keys vocals
Tony Newman drums
Keith Ellis

Photo: Andrea Pennesi

Shit, Muck, Err & Grolly
- Tony Newman



Let it Rock!

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