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A Heavy Session
Market Square Records
Various artistes

"I won't do sessions anymore. It's like being a plumber. They get you in to patch up a track" OH 1976


Duffy Power
Just Say Blue

Lawdy Miss Clawdy

[Joey] Hetherington]

That Girl's Alright 1973

b-side of Teenage Love Song

Thanks to Christer Bäckhage for the first new find in many years

Ginger Baker
Solo album 1974
No evidence of this rumoured album

See below

David Kubinec
Some Things Never Change

OH contribution unclear

Maynard Williams
Ten Songs

OH contribution unclear

Bill Lovelady
Reggae For It Now
One More Reggae For The Road

Bill was the guitarist in one of Ollie's earlySouthport bands, The Music Students.

I am assuming only played on these, although there is no evidence [?]

Ollie toured Sweden with Bill in 1980, however, where he met Zanna Gregmar. They then settled in Spain where whole new career opened up for them.

Y Viva Espana

"A school friend of mine (drummer / pianist in our band , Chris Ainsworth Davis did that tour with Ollie and Bill Lovelady. I remember going to one of the rehearsals; Chris had been with Morrissey Mullen for some time and Dick Morrissey, Jim Mullen (who didnt get the Brecker Bros gig because he didnt read - music , that is!); really nice guy Jim and a lovely player.

When Chris was with them, the bassist was Clive Chaman (also from Trinidad, as was Chris). Clive played in Hummingbird with Bernie H and later with Jeff Beck. Lots of fine players followed them.

Chris used to tell me how Ollie enjoyed The Who and Michael Jackson, specifically 'Squeeze Box' and 'You Got me Workin' Day and Night'. At the Bill rehearsals there was no sign whatsoever of Ollie's virtuosity."

George De Albuquerque 2013

Film Soundtracks
Joseph . . .
Jesus Christ Superstar

OH contribution unclear


Denny Laine
Solo album
The long-standing rumour of an album, which also, supposedly, featured Ginger Baker, can finally be put to rest by this report:

"I just briefly spoke with Denny Laine who happened to be in town (Cleveland). He was sitting, in by request, with Peter Asher (of Peter and Gordon) and his band. He performed the song he did with the Moody

Blues, 'Go Now'. I asked him if he had recorded with Ollie and, if so, what was the name of the record. His reply was that, although he had jammed with Ollie many times (Denny owned a club in the North and Ollie would come and sit in with the bands), they never recorded anything together. He said that he'd originally met Ollie through Mike McGear. I'd also mentioned that, for my money, Ollie was the best electric guitarist ever. He agreed."

- Rodger Marcus, 2013

Antholliegy index

A Heavy Session

Y Viva Espana