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olliEzine December 2014

Market Square Records
Premier Guitar magazine

Premier Guitar: Forgotten Heroes

We were pleased to be asked to contribute to a substantial article on Ollie in Premier Guitar magazine.

The eight-page published version can now be viewed online here

[We are not sure how to obtain the actual magazine.]


Otway's Christmas HIT!

Ollie recorded an album [and a half] with John Otway and, together with 'Admiral' John Halsey, toured extensively with him. Otway is also responsible for keeping the demos which became Ollie's 'Caves' album.

It is the least we can do get Otway's record, 'OK Father Christmas' towards the top of the festive charts.

Please buy here for a mere 79 pence 99 pence [79 pence on iTunes, apparently. But I don't understand that] 

But you only have until midnight on Saturday 20 December to make sure it counts.


Ok, it's now Seven Days to Christmas, so here's a bit if seasonal silliness:

Sir Ollie of Halsall and Admiral John Halsey's 1980 phonograph recording of a tune called, conveniently, Seven Days

Recorded on a Revox A77 reel-to-reel in Ollie's front room with him on the 'unplayable' star-shaped Glitter Band guitar through Pignose battery amp, and overdubbed bass. The Admiral on his superb sounding yellow Grestch drum kit.

[Festive sleigh bells added more recently]


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