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Moose on the Loose!

Market Square Records
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Displays incude:
© Colin Hill see Kidderminster
© Mark Gardiner see Filey


Admiral' John Halsey
& 'Professor' Chris Holmes
Cambridge 1997

© Barry Monks



Chris Holmes keys
Clive Griffiths bass vocals
Ollie Halsall guitar vibes keys vocals
Mike Patto vocals
John Halsey drums


timebo x poster from 1966

Thanks to Graham Oliver


Filey Bay 1968


Play the Perfect Fool

Traveling Show Pt.1


Pete Kelly's Solution 1968
Midnight Confessions b/w
If Your Love Don't Swing

Ollie plays lead guitar on the B-sde of this this Decca single from 1968, alongside some former bandmates from R&B Incorporated, John McCaffrey [bass] and Bill Lovelady [drums]


Beggin [The Sound of London's Mod/Club

Scene] 2008

Beggin' Buy the Beggin CD NOW!

The Deram Anthology 1998


Alphabetical common tracks:

A Woman That's Waiting
Baked Jam Roll In Your Eye
Barnabus Swain
Black Dog
Come On Up
Country Dan And City Lil
Don't Make Promises
Eddie McHenry
Girl, Don't Make Me Wait
Gone Is The Sad Man
Leave Me To Cry
Love The Girl
Poor Little Heartbreaker
Stay There
Tree House
Waiting For The End
Walking Through The Streets Of My Mind
Yellow Van
Your Real Good Thing Is About To Come To An End
You've Got The Chance

Beggin bonus tracks:

I Will Always Love You
I Wish I Could Jerk Like My Uncle Cyril
Save Your Love
Soul Sauce

Deram Anthology bonus track:



Shapes & Sounds
BBC Radio 1 sessions 1968 | 1969 shapes.jpg Beggin
A Girl Like You
The David Symonds Show 21 June 1968 Stay There
Yellow Van
David Lee Travis 22 September 1969 Authorised release 2006 topsounds.gif The original CD and VINYL versions are out of print, but you can purchase the four Timebox tracks as an MP3 DOWNLOAD here for just £2.99

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The Original Moose on The Loose 1976 [vinyl only]

The Original Moose on the Loose album

Poor Little Heartbreaker
Gone Is the Sad Man
Yellow Van
Baked Jam Roll in Your Eye
You've Got the Chance A Woman That's Waiting
Girl, Don't Make Me Wait
Don't Make Promises
Walking Through the Streets of My Mind

Incomplete singles compilation put together by Neil Stocker.

Moose on the Loose** 1968
The Great 'Lost' Album

Moose on the Loose

**Not to be confused with The Original Moose on the Loose which is a singles compilation.

The Deram Anthology and recent Beggin compilations[detailed opposite] include singles and b-sides plus tracks recorded for the unreleased album. Whilst they form comprehensive documents of the band's recording career, both releases miss the golden opportunity to finally present the intended album Moose on the Loose in its full glory.

You can, however, listen to what the album probably would have comprised here:


* Out-take not included in Beggin or The Deram Anthology

Play the Perfect Fool


Singles 1967|1968


I'll Always Love You /
Save Your Love

Soul Sauce /
I Wish I Could Jerk Like My Uncle Cyril

Don't Make Promises /
Walking Through the Streets of My Mind

Come On Up /
A Woman That's Waiting
[French only release]


Beggin /
A Woman That's Waiting

According to John Halsey, the backing vocals on Beggin' are Mike, Ollie, and Clive along with Kiki Dee, and the additional percussion was played by Barry Morgan, later of Blue Mink.

Chris Homes: Yeh love Kiki In a reverse situ, Timebox provided handclaps on Billie Davis's eurohit' I Want To Be Your Baby'

Girl Don't Make Me Wait /
Gone Is The Sad Man

Note: Gone is The Sad Man has also appeared on numerous UK prog-rock complilations

Yellow Van /
You've Got The Chance

Poster from the Queen [band, not monarch] Exhibition at The TRuman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, March 2011. From Chrs Holmes


Baked Jam Roll In Your Eye /
Poor Little Heartbreaker


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Moose on the Loose!