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Camelo Pardalis

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Women's Lib Song
Do What You Feel

with Mike Patto vocal

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Fuzz magazine article

"I was on crutches at the time with a broken pelvis after a car accident. It  featured some of my favourite UK musicians. This record was a mess but it is an interesting document.

Camelo Pardalis is Latin for giraffe. A pregnant giraffe was brought to England from Spain for the cover photo. None of the musicians were paid."

Steve York

"He was one of the best guitarists I have heard. He played passionately right out of his heart and always had the most fabulous original ideas. At the same time he was always very tasteful. I can still hear his unique guitar sound, 35 years later – clear and shimmering.

My favourite memory is when I played old Louis Jordan records for him. Few English musicians were acquainted with his music at the time and Ollie had a revelation when he discovered this link between r & b, jazz, and rock ’n roll. I wish I had had more opportunities to play with him. He was one of the great!"

Steve York 2008

Steve York

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