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Patto Live

There's a Moose on the Loose
Market Square Records
Patto at The Beeb

Time to Die
Pop Deux [French TV] 1971


Money Bag
Pop Deux [French TV] 1971


San Antone
Beat Club [German TV] 1971


Give it All Away

Patto interviewed
in Australia during their
1972 tour with Joe Cocker

Ollie Halsall feature in Guitar Techniques magazine September 2013

A Sense of the Absurd


Disk 1
The Man
Hold Me Back
Time To Die
Red Glow
San Antone
Government Man
Money Bag
Sittin' Back Easy

Bonus track
Hanging Rope

Originally released as
Patto [a.k.a. Anarchy] LP
November 1970


Disk 2
Hold Your Fire
You, You Point Your Finger
How's Your Father
See You At The Dance
Give It All Away
Air-Raid Shelter
Tell Me Where You've Been
Magic Door

Bonus tracks
Beat the Drum
Bad News
Air Raid Shelter

Oddity not included:
See You At The Dance Tonight
Inferior take somehow used by mistake on the European version of Hold Your Fire LP. [The title track also has a fade-out end on this release]

Produced by Muff Winwood

Originally released as
Hold Your Fire LP

December 1972


Finally given a free rein by Vertigo, the Pattos crafted quite the finest jazz-rock [if you like] guitar albums of the period [or any other for that matter]. The reissue is a worthily packaged effort by Richard Lane on Mercury.

"In the overall scheme of things, there are two albums anyone who imagines they can play guitar should hear. One is Are You Experienced, the other is Patto's Hold Your Fire"

Produced by Muff Winwood

This Absurd Little Band

The Rockin' Pattos

Please avoid [like the plague] the Arkarma release Ducks in Flight - The Lost Jazz Album which is an unauthorised bootleg of the bonus tracks from A Sense of The Absurd [together with, perversely, Teachers from the later Boxer album Bloodletting. All these tracks are available to listen online here

The Torrington, North Finchley, London -just before is was converted into a Starbucks!
Photo: John V Keogh

Arkarma Chameleons

Traveling Show Part II

Hollywood Bowl photographs

Blue Traff: The story of Ollie's famous guitar



Clive Griffiths bass vocals
Ollie Halsall guitar vibes keys vocals
Mike Patto vocals
John Halsey drums



Roll 'em, Smoke 'em,
Put Another Line Out

October 1972


Flat Footed Woman
Singing The Blues On Reds
Loud Green Song
Turn Turtle
I Got Rhythm
Peter Abraham
Cap'n 'P' And the Attos (See Biscuits Parts 1 & 2)

Patto's 'Sgt Pepper'. An eccentric and totally OTT affair and, by that token, nearest to capturing the essence of the group. Typically, Ollie reacted to his new-found guitar-hero status by playing piano almost throughout and by devoting most of side 2 to an epic sea-shanty-on-acid! He does, however, let rip magnificently on Loud Green Song

Note: The original US release flipped the first two track to allow Singing the Blues on Reds to open the album [thanks to Tim for this info]

Produced by Muff Winwood

Album review

Singing the Blues on Reds

Please do not be tempted by the Flawed Gems 'label' bootleg of Roll'em, Smoke, 'em, Put Another Line Out, which has the sheer audacity both to pose as a legitimate album and to include copies of The Archive BBC sessions as 'bonus' tracks. Listen to them here

Warts and All
Live at The Black Swan,
Sheffield 1971

January 2000
Download 2009


You, You Point Your Finger
Money Bag
Let It Rock
Magic Door
Government Man
How's Your Father
[listed as Air-Raid Shelter]
Route 66
Tell Me Where You've Been
San Antone
Sittin' Back Easy
Big Hunk O' Love

Archive recording by Patto drummer John 'Admiral' Halsey. Best quality Patto 'in concert' recording available

- The solo on Let It Rock alone is worth the purchase price!

Authorised download 2009


Warts and All

Admiral Halsey

Monkey's Bum 1973


My Days Are Numbered

Last Night I Had a Dream

Sugar Cube 1967

I Need You

Good Friend

Get Up And Dig It



Pick Up the Phone

General Custer

Ollie left before this could be released and, apparently, some of his guitar parts were removed and replaced by tenor sax. You can't tell though, and it remains an awesome piece of work.

Produced by Muff Winwood

Please avoid the Arkama CD or vinyl versions, which are unauthorised bootlegs of appalling quality

Monkeys Bum

These cartoons, taken from January and February 1970 Melody Makers, were likely created by Tony Benyon (1st Patto LP cover artist) and sponsored by Trigrad Entertainments, then Patto's management (Roger Simpson). They are similar to ones that Trigrad hired Tony Benyon to create in 1970 for another Trigrad band, May Blitz (with future Boxer drummer, Tony Newman)

Thanks to

I know the Rolle 'em Smoke 'em cover is iconic, but wouldn't this one - with painting by Ollie - have made a great alternativeI

More art here


More information at:



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There's a Moose on the Loose

Patto Live

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