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Ollie may not have been the world's best guitarist, but he was certainly among the top two.

Welcome to The Ollie Halsall Archive.

Peter 'Ollie' Halsall was born in Southport, England 0n 14 March 1949. After playing drums in local band The Music Students, with keyboard wizard Chris Holmes. He was took up the vibraphone and, in 1965, they both went to London join fellow Southport bassist Clive Griffiths's band Take Five, which soon became Timebox. In 1968, Ollie took up guitar and the band acquired the legendary Mike Patto on vocals and finally drummer 'Admiral' John Halsey.

Following Holmes' departure in 1970, Timebox evolved into Patto. They played a unique blend of 'progressive' jazz-rock (for want of a better term) featuring Ollie's guitar work which began to develop legendary status.

In 1973 he left to join Jon Hiseman's Tempest. After less than a year Ollie quit and did numerous sessions, including one track for Kevin Ayers. This led to a permanent position in Kevin's band The Soporifics.

In 1975, Patto staged a brief reunion comprising just 3 benefit gigs. The reuniting of Ollie and Mike sparked the formation of the ill-fated Boxer

Somewhat ironically - since he was never fully credited - Ollie's most widely-known work is with The Rutles in 1978

After a brief but highly productive stint [including a US tour] with John Otway, he rejoined Kevin Ayers with whom he stayed, on and off, until his untimely death on 29 May 1992.

For much of that time he frequented the town of Deia in the north of the Spanish island of Mallorca, commuting to and from the mainland to produce and play for numerous Spanish artisites. The most significant project during this time was his work with Swedish singer Zanna Gregma in CinemasPop

Ollie also made a number of solo recordings, none of which were issued during his lifetime

The Archive was established in 1998 with the aim of documenting and promoting the work of this unique musician.

It contains a Chronolliegy of Ollie's musical career and a site map, an Antholliegyof all known recordings, and a compendium of written Articles from various souces.

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The Strange Case of Ollie Halsall: Rock's Forgotten Legend

The Ollie Halsall Song Book

The Ollie Halsall Song Book

An online album featuring cover versions of Ollie - or related - songs.

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