The Ollie Halsall Archive is not a commercial organisation and, at present, the download system is not automatic.

Emails are checked regularly, however, and we will respond as soon as we receive notification via PayPal.

Please bear in mind that this may take a few hours.

You will be sent a 'download link' by email. When you click on the link you will be asked to save the file to a choen folder on your computer's hard drive.

The file is a composite 'Zip' File containing all the songs on the album.

'Zip' files are compressed versions which can then be simply de-compressed or 'unzipped' to your computer using the WinZipT utility.

If you do not haveWinZipT, you can obtain it free here



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I play the 'download'?

A. The extracted mp3 files will play on Windows Media player or any other similar audio application or can be copied to an external portable player.

Alternatively, you can make an audio disk using any CD burning software.

Q. Why do you send a link and not simply email the files to me?

A. Although mp3s are much smaller than conventional audio files the total size is still larger than many email providers allow.

The 'download link' enables the file to be transferred directly to your computer without using email.

Q. What if the download fails or I lose the files?

A. The 'download link' should be available for about 7 days. If you lose the files later simply email and we will happlily send you a replacement link.

We will, of course, be please to help you with any technical problems you encounter during the download process.